New Studio Shelf

My sweetie built me a new shelf for my studio...

Carpenter Rob

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Happy Fun Purses

It's almost spring! The days are getting longer, it's warmer out, snow is melting... I know we'll probably get more snow here in NE Ohio, but for now I'm liking this! I can feel the sap rising.

I've been having such a good time making these little purses - from shopping for the fabric (my stash is small, but growing), to picking out the beads (from my considerable stash 30 years in the making) to putting them together (learning to use my serger - those corners are tricky!).

Things I learned from the first purse:

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Shrine Box

Here's my newest box.... I call it the Shrine Box. It's a little shadow box - about 4x5" - with a door and latch, and a loop on the back for haging on your wall. It will hold your littlest treasures. My inspiration is a little brass box I got in San Diego 20 or so years ago.

Blue Shrine Box

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I Made a Purse!

I've been doing shows for years! Craft shows, bead shows, art shows...  I've been looking for the perfect purse to hold just the essentials while manning my booth, one that leaves my hands free. When I was much thinner, I had a beautiful belt with a zipper comparment that was functional some of the time, but I can't even fasten it nowadays!

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Finished my Coat!

Huzzah! I finished re-lining my vintage wool coat! While it's far from a professional job, I can say "I did it myself!" and I had fun.

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My Furano Coat Project

I started a new project yesterday. Here's the backstory...

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Baby Steps!

I've been learning my way around Indiemade, slowly adding items to my baby website. It's time consuming! My stumbling block seems to be the photography part - I'm such a perfectionist! Taking the perfect photograph, editing, cropping, color correcting, watermarking, uploading!  Whew! Hopefully I'll get better (and faster) at it....

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Hi and welcome to my new online shop. It's just a little baby for now. I hope you'll be patient with me as I add goodies and grow it up!

I have so many patterns that its a little scary! I want to update a lot of them, and make them easy to download. I also have beaded and wireworked Jewelry, as well as my new Tiny Boxes. Plus, I got a Serger for Christmas, so I'm busy playing with fabric, too.  AND I have a show coming up, so I gotta make some more! So many ideas! So many pretties! So much that I really want to do! 

Happy Beading!

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